Mini Roadster

The Mini Cooper Roadster which is the convertible version of the Mini Cooper coupe hasĀ been around for a few years and pleased many drivers.

It is known for having a rough ride however with its handling and exciting driving Dynamics never disappoints. The only downside it is known for being quite noisy and the dashboard controls can be a little confusing. Roadster Sports a 4-cylinder that can sometimes be underpowered, it is recommended to upgrade to the Cooper S or the JC W trim which brings in a turbo charged.
Gas mileage in this vehicle can be 27 mpg in the city and 34 Highway which is phenomenal for a quick little sports car. Upgrading to the turbo changes that minimally. As far as fun goes, this car is a 10 out of 10. Known for their sharp handling, responsive steering, and power brakes they are literally like driving a go-kart on the highway.
As far as the interior goes the mini Roadster has been known to have good styling and high-quality materials compared to other vehicles in its class. Mini did take a retro perspective in designing the controls which have been known to cause a little confusion. Also the convertible top has been known to be noisy and reduce visibility out the back. However, headroom and legroom are a plus which is shocking coming from a car called Mini. Obviously, cargo space is going to be limited in this car compared to other vehicles in it’s class.
Technologies are very up to date, including USB, Bluetooth connectivity, and auto climate control.
Although this vehicle has made many memories with drivers enjoying every mile of it, Mini has announced that they will be discontinuing his vehicle in the future.