The Infamous Jeep Wrangler!

No better place to start a car blog than with one of the most famous vehicles out there. It is able to boast that is has been on all seven continents and continues to be the workhorse in the roughest of terrain. It is the Jeep Wrangler.

This icon was arguable formed with the first Willys MB in WWII back in 1941. Boasting 4X4 capabilities this animal took the battlefield by storm by not being stopped. From Africa to the Pacific Islands this little package transported American troops for years. As the years advanced the Willys MB transformed into the first civilian version of the Jeep CJ in 1944. It’s been decades and the modeling of the vehicle has changed very little. Don’t worry the engine and 4X4 have been upgraded quite a bit.

In the beginning it boasted a 2.2 liter¬†engine with a 3-speed transmission. Today it rolls with a 2.8 liter¬†engine pushing 177 hp with either an automatic transmission or 6-speed manual. This vehicle can produce 302 pound force-feet of torque! Incredible. No wonder it just climbs over any obstacles in it’s way.

This vehicle now comes in a 2 door or 4 door variant. The 4 door is called the Jeep Wrangle Unlimited. Each has multiple trim levels including; sport, sport s, willys wheeler, black bear, freedom edition, sahara, willys wheeler w, rubicon, 75th anniversary, backcountry, and rubicon hard rock.

These beasts are amazing off the road, though on the road you’ll only see about 16/20 miles per gallon city/highway driving. If you can overcome the price about 28k for the base model to upwards of 42k for a fully loaded rubicon hard rock. These vehicles are very well known for keeping their value though, so a few years down the road if you do decide to part ways with this beautiful sport utility vehicle you’ll get a very pretty penny back.