Metal Detectors Show!

Recently I discovered a television show called diggers on Netflix. This show appealed to me because I have always enjoyed history. This show focuses on a lot of local history things like parks for gathering. In the past. The entire premise of the show is to focus on metal detector and finding hidden treasures. This is a very interesting show to me as I have a minor in history and have always deeply enjoyed local history near me.

The show opened up many ideas about my hometown that I have recently discovered. And maybe ask a lot of questions that have been fun to discover with my children. I have owned my metal detector for about 5 years and have never used it. After watching the show diggers my children and I have become very inspired to find local honey holes or as they call them on television connector holes to find treasure. It’s amazing to me how many places people lose coins. My daughter and I found an old Indian Head Penny dating back to 1904.

After much research and watching this show I found out that sidewalks are an absolute hotbed of change. As over the years sidewalks change they get dug up and replaced. But people over the years had walked down continuously the same path. With that as you know people have stuck their hands in and out of pockets and things fall out.

In Dixon Illinois which is also the hometown of Ronald Reagan there is a city street named Chamberlain. From the history that we were able to uncover Chamberlain was a director of a local military school just a few blocks away from the road that is named after him. We found out later that the particular road that we found this penny on was a road that was used twice a week in displays used for marching. We learned that the military school would walk into town or I should say march into town twice a week. Apparently this became somewhat of a local display. So it should come as no surprise that you’re finding some change that is in an area or time period in which that particular school existed. What is been really fun has been discovering all of the different techniques for finding small treasures like this penny. Although finding small coins could be worth some money the real treasure is in the history itself.

I can see the enjoyment of being able to find small coins like this and the stories that you have related to them. Finding the small point with my daughter was a lot of fun. She will surely remember this experience and the history in which we uncovered. I can see myself getting more and more into metal detecting because it’s the perfect combination of a couple of things that I enjoy. Being able to take my kids out, spend time with them, and have fun, while having the opportunity to learn something at the same time is something great for me. At the very least take the time to watch the show diggers on Netflix. And I would highly encourage you if you’re looking for a healthy fun activity with kids to get out and learn some history.


Metal Detecting Day 2!

This is day two for me in Boston and I’m having a blast visiting several Historic Sites and when going out with a metal detector it’s important remember one thing, this is much like buying real estate it’s all about location, location, location. I am quickly finding that by doing the correct research you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration as well as the disappointment of not finding anything. It is absolutely amazing to me to be able to find some of the details that I have found on some of the historical naps. The true treasure for me has been finding and doing the research before you go out. The giant bonus is being able to go to that location and use a metal detector.

One thing that I truly am starting to understand about locals is they drive past these places every single day and never really think about it. There is a focus at the collegiate level as to the historic locations and a deep care for them. But as I see at the common man is very not concerned and more concerned about what’s going on than right now.

That might not seem like a very important point to make. However when you’re looking for limited resources and other people aren’t concerned or even thinking about it, that’s a good thing!

It’s another life lesson that’s been reestablished and concreted in my mind. The truth about life is people give up and don’t like to do things that are hard. This hobby requires an immense amount of research and true education before you can actually do anything. I’m sure that sounds totally harder than it is. But I really think the point is when it comes to finding good relics or potential good nectar sectors, you really need to be focused and educated before you go out.

I really enjoy looking at and taking up new hobbies because it allows me to use a part of my brain that is important to me. The part of my brain that I really like to use is that curiosity part that focuses my mind and lets me use my imagination. I mean come on let’s face it when you were a kid you ever thought about being a pirate hiding a treasure or finding the treasure?

It might sound kind of silly but this truly does appeal at a base level for a lot of people. Really what I’m gaining is an understanding about this entire thing of finding something that true to form, true to life, it’s all about the journey but the final destination is always a bonus.

So far here in Boston I haven’t found really anything of great value. However the things that I did find were relevant to certain periods of time. Some of the things that I have found it certainly dated back to the early mid 1800s.

Doing more research on one location that I was able to metal detect on I found out this location was a landfill. Kind of disappointed at first, but then after reading some more I found out that landfill came from it extremely old part of Boston.

During the mid to late 60’s this particular sandbar started to be used as an illegal dump. That includes in it a lot of different garbage large timbers and many bricks. When I think of Boston I think of brick and there’s no doubt I dug through many pieces and remainders of those bricks.

This location would be fun to spend more time going through it. I’m sure if it would have been a warmer day I would have been able to take the time to dig deeper in find more relics. I have no doubt that there are things in that pile worth some value.

It’s funny to me because less than three quarters of a mile and within sight you can see the Kennedy Library. What I think is really funny is specifically when I looked at this particular location and did the research and found out that in 1967 there was created as an illegal dump. It would have been during this exact time that Kennedy would have been president. In the shadow of his beautiful library is this now dog park filled with dog turds.

Boston no doubt is just like any major city in the United States or minor one for that. Filled with interesting characters and shadowy background filled with characters like John Hancock. John Hancock one of our founding fathers was a smuggler here in Boston. What’s fun to me is this town is the town of different polarity. Characters are great characters that did great things also did really crazy sideways things. When it comes right down to it my passion for being in Boston comes from this understanding that Boston is a much like you and me. It’s the first experiment of true capitalism with our democracy and it’s an important place historically for our country. I feel lucky to be here doing the research and having fun and working all at the same time.

I hope that by blogging about my passion to have new hobbies, not only of metal detection, inspires someone else to get out there and get a hobby and do something fun. You might never consider the consequences of having a hobby and how it might inspire others. One simple comment made to me by a gentleman that was at least 2 years older than me well at a park in Boston was; “I’ve got to start doing this too, this looks like a lot of fun.”

When it comes right down to it even if you don’t pick up metal detection as a hobby it’s definitely worth trying. And it’s an easy way to get a lot of exercise and great fresh air.

Metal Detecting!

Recently while planning a trip to Boston I planned on doing a small metal detector

investigation. The best place to find hot spots or as people in detectoring call nectar sectors is to

look on Google Maps. Google Maps offers a timeline of the area that you are seeking. If there is

satellite data available for that area it goes back almost to 1955. I believe this coincides with

aerial balloon photography. If not that it definitely coincides with satellite photography. On the

timeline you can roll back almost a full 70 years looking at the geography looking at the

businesses and buildings in the area. By that you can help determine the best locations to find

the nectar. Yesterday while here in Boston I had the opportunity to investigate an island called

Victory Island. I was able to understand that the island was there at one point naturally but in the

form of basic sand bar. What I found out from my investigation and furthermore from going on

location was this particular location was nothing more than a sandbar for years. After that it was

built up with ground that was pulled out of South Boston after a large fire. True from what I did

find that pile was a lot of Brick from building styles from bathrooms and old plumbing and old

very old iron pieces. It was an exciting opportunity to dig an area that I didn’t know and was in a

historic place. This location is an extremely old location and had a lot to offer in the way of

excitement. You never knew what you were going to find because anything could be there.

Yesterday I did find a few coins but these coins were not dated very old. The oldest one that I

did find was as old as me. I felt lucky because after a very long day yesterday and being in the

cold and breaking wind all day I did find a penny that was 1975. Which happens to be my birth year and

it feels kind of like a special extra little token that I’m going to be able to bring home back to

Illinois. Metal detecting is a blast and if you like investigative work or the ability to hunt things

down you’re going to enjoy this hobby.

Hello All!

We’ll be pumping out blogs on all sorts of hobbies here. We just like them and believe they really embellish your life. Check out our future blogs to see what where up to and what you can get into with a little effort to enjoy life so much more!


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